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Jen and Joey in class, Joey not thrilled.

Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes audition for the remake of Rainman.

It only took 92 rolls of the dice, but that bad boy finally came up snake… eye…  and it’s Pilot time!  Everyone has seen this one a thousand times.  It sets the stage for the greatest story ever told.  There’s no need to recap it… so here we go.  Dawson + Joey = Best Friends.  Dawson + Pacey = Slightly less best friends. Joey + Pacey = Sworn enemies with obvious sexual tension.  Then Jen shows up and throws that simple equation out the window.  Dawson is smitten, Joey is Jelly, and Pacey is distracted by the hot older lady with a taste for young boy-flesh.  The Dawson’s Creek Pilot is like coming home for Christmas, curling up in your old bed with a cup of coco, and pleasuring yourself to old episodes of Baywatch you recorded on VHS when you were 11 years old.  In other words: #Bliss.