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Dawson and Jen

Here we have the rare Lindley Duck preparing to lay her eggs atop one of the iconic statues of Easter Island. Breathtaking.

Season 2 is back baby!  It has been ages since we got to sink our beaks into this particular chunk of 90’s nostalgia, but this week we do it with relish.  Dawson and Joey are hot and heavy and spending a lot of time at 1st base while having long-winded and verbose discussions about the other places they could go in the ballpark, while never even bothering to lead off the bag a little.(BASEBALL METAPHOR!) Jen decides she wants Dawson back, and with Abby Morgan’s help, will go through no end of humiliation to get him.  Andie and Pacey bicker adorkably.  And Jack learns how to mop!  If you like teens talkin’ bout sex, this episode of Dawson’s Creek is for you.  And if you like middle aged men talking about teens talking about sex, then this episode of Creek of the Week is for you.