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Pacey & Joey & The Wall

I think we’ve all seen the Dawson cryface meme screenshot enough for one lifetime.

It’s our centennial +1 episode and rules be damned we’re gonna watch True Love.  Have at thee, Fate, we choose our own destiny!  So, this is the one everyone has been asking for.  Definitely the most popular, definitely the most groundbreaking, definitely the tumblriest of tumblr moments.  The end of the school year is here and Pacey is casting off for the summer, time for Joey to choose.   Meanwhile Grams takes the B-cast on a whirlwind tour of New England in an attempt to make all their lovesick dreams come true.  It works out for some, not so much for others, and one person doesn’t really even get a shot (poor Andie).  Guys, you know this ep.  “Ask me to Stay”, Dawson cryface meme, First boy-on-boy smooch.  So much goodness that we… don’t talk a lot and pretty much just enjoy it.  We hope you do too.

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