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Pacey and Joey drive home from the snail hunt.

Cash, grass, or ass. Nobody rides in the Witter family pickup for free.

Every great love story has a beginning.  Sometimes the lovers don’t even know it’s happening.  Sometimes it starts with an aquarium full of dead snails.  This is one of those times.  This week we are back in Season 1 and it is fantastic.  Dawson and Jen just broke up, but Dawson, being a complete creep, can’t handle it and decides to go on a double date with Jen and Cliff.  It is, unsurprisingly, a disaster.  Meanwhile a school project puts Pacey and Joey alone together for the first time and it was clear even back in ’98 that it wouldn’t be the last.  Dawson is in full douche-mode, Pacey has the charm turned up to 11, Jen is poised and radiant, and Joey rolls her eyes and smiles out of the side of her mouth.  Also, we get to see a little Mitch-rage.  This is why we watch Dawson’s Creek, people.


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