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Pacey & Joey kiss on a boat

Best shot of the series? This podcaster thinks so.

Guys, I think Brett Michaels said it best:  “Every rose has it’s thorn.  Just like every night has it’s dawn. Just like every whirlwind summer sailing romance has to come back to Capeside and face the ice cold ire of Mr. Dawson Leery.  Every rose has it’s thorn… yeah it does.” Something like that.  So this is the season premier of the Fourth season of Dawson’s Creek.  Pacey and Joey are back in town and everyone has one thing on their minds: Boatsex.  Everybody kinda missed Joey, and nobody really seems interested in talking to Pacey, including his family. Speaking of family, Gretchen Witter makes her debut, as well as a couple of french hunks who occupy Andie for the episode.  Although it’s a fairly innocuous season premier ep, it’s definitely one of our favorites, so please join us, and sorry about all the hand job jokes.

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