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Sexy Prof in a pillow fight

Just how I like my sexy professors, wet and feathered.

At last the long trip through Rawley has come to an end.  Episode 8 of Creek of the Week: A Dawson’s Creek Podcast Presents – Young Dumb and Full of *AHEM* Americans: A Young Americans Bonus Series Podcast Event.  The final episode of the ill-fated WB drama finds our gang in various pickles that seemed to spring out of nowhere.  Will finds his scholarship has run out, and he won’t be coming back next semester.  Sexy Prof walks in on topless Jake as she’s about to hop in the shower with Hamilton, meaning she can’t come back next semester.  Bella’s garage is being put up for auction, meaning she’ll be hooking on the streets of Boston to make ends meet next semester.  And Scout Calhoun is… he’s fine.  Rich people don’t have problems.  All of this culminates in a season finale that gives us just a taste of what this show could have been had it not wasted it’s first 7 weeks with disjointed plots and too many panning shots of beaches teeming with shirtless boys.  Please join us as we bid a fond farewell to Young Americans.