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Dawson & Pacey, makers of films.

I got no caption for this. It’s just a great screen capture that I couldn’t pass up.

This week we return to Season 5 after a long hiatus, and are happy to discover that it’s one of the gems.  Guerilla Filmmaking finds Dawson struggling to direct someone else’s movie while all his friends attempt to help him.  When it is discovered that his leading man is a total dud, they have to delve into Jen’s old love life to find a replacement, unfortunately that means the return of Chad Michael Murray.  On the other hand, between mouthfuls of Chad Michael Murray’s saliva (lots of kissing scenes in this movie), Audrey, the leading lady, finds herself falling for one swarthy boom operator known as Pacey Witter.  Sure, we all know it is an ill-fated romance, but it’s still fun to watch Pacey & Audrey together in the early stages.  Jack is struggling with his frat brothers in a story that mostly took place in a previous episode and is hard for us to follow, but ends very uncomfortably for him.   Lastly, Joey is deciding whether or not she wants to start an affair with her professor in a story line that we all wish would have never reared it’s head on this show.  Ken Marino FTW, Professor Wilder DIAF.    Meanwhile, we commentate and make far too many Harambe meme jokes, for which we apologize.

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