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Audrey the rocker.

Gotta love Audrey’s punk rock sneer.

Round 2 for Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell and it does not get better.  A quick recap, Audrey just got dumped by Pacey and has a gig.  Joey is courting Eddie and ignoring everyone else (as per usual).  Pacey is having a mid life crisis that he decides to spend in New Orleans, with a lady of the night.  Jen wants a date with CJ but isn’t sure of his feelings.  And Jack resolves a situation with his professor that we have seen the resolution of several times now but have never seen the beginning.  Dawson… is off being Mr. Hollywood somewhere off camera.   We’ve seen this one so we use the downtime to endlessly blather about topics large and small.  Please accompany us on this journey.

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