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Dawson's weird face

Attempt 2 at the Dawson Cryface Meme was not nearly as successful.

Season 6 may be a minefield and last week we definitely blew our legs off below the knee, but this week we dragged those ragged bloody stumps out of no-man’s land and into the safe haven of the waterlogged trench that is episode 616 (dat analogy tho).  This episode finds us following only 3 of the key Capeside players.  Dawson returns to Capeside and visits his old film teacher to show those kids what a real filmmaker looks like.  Joey and Pacey just had a sexy run-in at the K-Mart and are trying to figure out what to do next (in true Dawson’s Creek fashion they spend the episode apart).  Joey babysits some bratty high schoolers and Pacey also has to return to Capeside to visit his sick father in the Hospital.  All-in-all it’s a good one!  Mr. Gold makes a return and Deputy Doug gets some quality screen time.  So enjoy!  Next week we fix bayonets and head back over the wall.

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