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The gang says goodbye to Andie

Ol’ Lady McPhee, #JustJacksThings, Pretty Jen, The Potter Neuroses, Pacey MF’n Witter, and The Kid from Easter Island

Goodbyes are hard.  Saying goodbye to an absolute treasure like Andie McPhee is nearly impossible.  Unfortunately, that’s what we have to do this weekend, and we struggle through.  After her bad experience rolling on Molly, Andie is offered early graduation and a trip to Italy.  Most of the episode is her making her decision while Jen struggles to get back in the gang’s good graces after being the Dr. Feelgood that perscribed the disco biscuits (Thanks Urban Dictionary!).  Joey is also facing a conundrum when she is asked to get an essay from the person who knows her best (Hint:  It aint her boyfriend Pacey).  It’s a sad episode, but a good one, and we walk you through it like Mr. Brooks walking Dawson through the latest Matlock rerun.

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