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Joey and Audrey chillin

If I get a chance to post an Audrey screencap, you know I’m gonna take it.

This week we get to head to Beantown and watch what many would consider the beginning of the end for Dawson’s Creek.  The Bostonians finds our beloved cast out on their own for the first time, far away from Capeside, living in the big city.  Except Dawson, who is in LA being a naive man child.  Not a lot of strong plot this ep, mainly just setting up season 5 and introducing some new cast members and regulars.  The always-annoying Todd makes an appearance to first mentor than berate Dawson.  Audrey wows us with the open door policy for boys in her dorm room, a fact which doesn’t wow Joey so much.  Jack’s meets his future frat brothers, Jen meets her future heartbreaker, and Pacey… well Pacey is just chilling on the fringes waiting for his moment.  It’s a pretty good ep that coasts on the momentum of season 4, and we coast with it while making plenty of tasteless (but topical!) jokes vaginas.  We are sorry.