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Joey and Charlie

Throw the horns all you want, you will never be Metal. Joey gets it.

What can we say about Separate Ways?   Not much, unfortunately.  It is about as boring an episode as they come, elevated only by the fact that it is the episode in which Charlie finally leaves.  He and Joey are in the midst of some fling.  His band is offered a touring gig and he wants to toss it away for Ms. Potter.  She doesn’t want to be the cause of yet another young man giving up his dreams, so convinces him to leave (with a little help from Audrey).  Meanwhile Pacey gets promoted, Audrey gets fired, and Pacey tries to get her her job back.  Dawson is also barely in this one, promoting his most recent snorefest of a film to some agent, a meeting which is destroyed by his moronic writer, Oliver.  Jack, Jen, and Grams are sorely lacking, as is our enthusiasm for this ep, but we still pony up with the jokes and do our best to break it down.  Please accompany us and we’ll get through this together.