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Grams prays, Jen cries

Pray all you want, Grams, we’re all doomed.

This week, on a notably more sober Creek of the Week, we revisit the classic Season 1 finale for the final time.  As you may recall, Jen goes through a roller coaster of emotions as her grandfather goes from comatose, to awake, to in the clear, to dead.  Joey has to visit her incarcerated father which inspires a cornucopia (happy Thanksgiving) of emotions.  Pacey is a failure and decides to do what he does best, getting stuff done for Jo-Pot.  And Big D is wracked with emotion as he finds himself falling in love with the girl down the creek, but distressed that she is thinking of going away for the summer.   We make fun, but this is a fantastic finale to a fine season of Dawson’s Creek, please join us as we watch  the gang go through the emotional wringer one more time WITH the original music.  We also read a few emails and announce our upcoming bonus series: COTW:ADCPP:WISH:AGG:AYITLBPE  Don’t miss it!