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Mitch & Pacey

This is how we’ll remember Mitch: as a father figure to all the wayward lost children of Capeside. No Deep-V though, that’s a bummer.

As if 2016 doesn’t suck enough, we rolled Mitch Leery’s funeral episode again.  It’s hard to complain because it really is a brilliant episode, and a fitting send off to one of our favorite characters, but aren’t things hard enough right now?  We’ve lost Bowie and Leonard Cohen, do we have to be stuck in this horrific time loop where we watch our surrogate TV father die again and again?   Are the Creek Gods punishing us for the Gilmore Girls bonus series?  We may never know.  At least we get to see prime John Wesley Shipp material via flashbacks of the cast, and we get to say a proper goodbye to the Father we all wish we had (JK, Dad!).

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