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Mitchum & Logan Huntzberger

New spinoff featuring the unsung heroes of Gilmore Girls: The Huntzberger Boys

Episode 2 of our Gilmore Girls bonus series takes us into Spring.  Fair Warning:  This is not a love fest.  We get pretty harsh on this episode and the series as a whole.  However there are parts we love and we try to be fair despite our growing animosity towards the main characters.  All that aside, it was still a fun show to watch and there were plenty of jokes and commentary to be had.   Plus, some of the best Paris and Kirk material in the revival.  So grab your coffee, and your pop tarts, and your red vines, and your frozen pizza, and your Chinese food, and your diner burger, and your donuts, and whatever else you can scrape out of the bottom of your garbage disposal or chip off the side of your deep freeze (that ice smells vaguely like fish sticks!) and join us for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life: Spring.