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Jack, Jen, Dawson, Joey, and Andie

Pacey put that away, we’ve all seen it before.

The Season 2 drought is over!  This week we rolled up a very special episode of Dawson’s Creek for your listening pleasure.  Reunited has 2 stories being told at once and both are equally engaging.  First we have Dawson and Joey in a rare moment of normal boyfriend & girlfriend dating when they run into Dawson’s dad at the same restaurant.  To complicate things further, Jen and Gail wind up there as well and then the game is on to get the Leery parents back together.  Meanwhile Andie is having a breakdown and talking to her dead brother  which leads to a stressful moment between her, Pacey, and Jack.  This sleeper episode surprised us with how good it was.  Every single character was delivering exactly what we want when we tune into this show.  Hope you like it as much as we did.