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Drue & Jen talk before making a drug exchange

This reminds me of that movie with the cake and the candles… Y’know.. the movie Cake starring Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick.

Round 2 of Future Tense, let’s do this!  Quick refresher:  The question is thick in everyone’s minds… college applications.  Andie’s are done, Jack hasn’t started, Dawson is makng a film about it, Pacey is a lost cause, Joey is the 4th smartest girl in Capeside and doesn’t know wtf to do with her future, and Jen is having a birthday party!  Drue decides to B&E a beach house and throw a party in Jen’s honor.  Everyone shows up to blow off some steam, including one Ms. Potter who gets fairly hammered.  Everyone discusses the future and nothing important really happens, but there’s parties and booze and drugs and it’s a good time.  A pleasure to watch for the second time.  We hope you enjoy it as well.