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Jack freaks as Andie tweaks

It was there, in the heat of the moment, with everyone distracted by the tragedy and chaos surrounding them, that The Flop made it’s move, and what little that was left of Dawson Leery was consumed.

DEALERS CHOOOOOOOOICE.  It happened again, we rolled 130 and got to pick our poison.  Being the gentle, caring soul that he is, Eric decided to pick an episode he knew Josh would love to see, and so, Great Expectations became this week’s chosen ep.  We knew it was good, but we had forgotten just how good it was.  Quick recap.  Drue gave Jen some drugs, and rather than flush them or sell them on the Dark Web, she carries them around in her purse, forever tempted to return to the life she had left behind.   Andie gets unsurprisingly accepted into Harvard but is surprisingly unphased by it, and looking just to feel some feelings.  Dawson is hanging with Gretchen, Pacey and Joey are enjoying being a couple, and Jackers is just happy for his twin sister.  Everything is fine right?  Enter: The Rave.  There’s a rager going down at an abandoned Warehouse, and the Creek Kids all manage to score an invite.  From there it is a downward spiral of Drugs, sick beats, and awful dancing.  If you have a pacifier, put that thing in your mouth and lets do this.


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