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Andie watches Pacey audition

The worst audition is still better than watching Henry play guitar. Lucky us, we get both.

Welcome back to Creek of the Week, this week is Capefest, some sort of “palooza” where bands play (though we won’t be witnessing then) and people camp out to watch them.  Capeside doesn’t have a McDonalds, but it has a multiple day music festival!  Jack uses the festival as an excuse to stalk Ethan and ditch Jen, meanwhile the rest of the cast doesn’t seem to have a clue it is happening, and goes about their normal lives.  Dawson talks to a fellow film student, Pacey auditions for the play that Andie happens to be the directors assistant for.  No high drama, but lots of fun moments and witty banter make this a solid mid season ep.  Lets do this.


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