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Pacey & Joey read a letter

Pacey this Melrose Place fanfic is really good, perhaps you do have a future after all!

Guys, the title of this week’s episode is Admissions.  Like… school admissions but also admissions of the truth.  IT’S A DOUBLE MEANING.  So Joey gets into fake-school Worthington while Dawson gets rejected (for some stupid reason) from NYU.  Meanwhile Jack and Jen got accepted to whatever schools they wanted, but they have to go together.  Pacey, well… poor Pacey didn’t even bother to try.  Thus starts our journey.  As it unfurls we realize things may not be as easy for the kids as they appear.   It’s a good episode, with glimpses of what’s to come and, for some characters, glimpses into the past.  Also… Drue’s in it!

Theme by Sound of Days.


Also as a comparison, here is the sweater Gail wore next to the sweater Andie wore on last week’s episode, Barefoot in Capefest:


Andie watches Pacey audition