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Eve seduces Dawson while Spielberg watches

Of the two faces besides Dawson in this screen cap, there’s only one he wants to be looking up at in his bed, and it aint Eve’s.

This week we welcome a special guest to sit in on the episode with us. Sean Faust from the What Does It Matter? Podcast! joins us for Episode 3 of Season 3: None of the Above.  In this borderline sexy ep, Eve steals the answer sheet to the big standardized test everyone is freaking out over, and Dawson is faced with the moral dilemma of using them, giving them to his friends, or ratting out his new hot lady friend.  The plot thickens when a convenient fire drill pulls the Capeside Crew away from the answer sheet, and it goes missing.  In the midst of all this, Pacey and Andie deal with their recent breakup, Jack deals with the stress of organized high school sports, and Joey brushes off the advances of her gross creepy boss.  Meanwhile your hosts bro-out and do their best to not overly objectify the easily-objectifiable Eve.  It was a fun episode to record, and thanks to Sean for sitting in with us!

Also thanks to Sound of Days for our theme.

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