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Grams & Pouty Jen

The most adorable moment ever on TV.

It’s been a long week without our Creek, but we have returned, and rolled up an episode that can only be described as bittersweet.  Separation Anxiety is the episode where the Creek kids, and the viewers for that matter, finally have to come to terms with the fact that Season 4 is ending, High School is ending, and sadly, the great Pacey-Joey romance is ending.  While Pay-Jo takes one last swing at their future together, Dawson is dealing with the impending loss of Gretchen, and Jen is dealing with the impending loss of Grams.  Sadly, only one of the three power couples will weather the storm.  It’s a sad episode that is, in this podcaster’s humble opinion, written very well, leaving the viewer a little bummed, but satisfied that things turned out the way they had to.  Get your tissues ready (for crying, pervs) and strap in.

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