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Abby done got slapped

Mess with the four-time Oscar nominated bull, you get the horn.


Full moons do crazy things.  Crime goes on the rise, hormones rage, podcasts… open their phone lines?  This week we decided to do a normal podcast, but kept our skype lines open, and though we only got 2 calls, I’d say it was a success.  We also watched a fantastic season 2 episode of Dawson’s Creek.  In this ep, the moon is full, and things are getting weird.  Dawson attempts to deal with his parents divorce, but finds Abby Morgan in his bedroom. She is trying to spy on Jen, who is making out with a much much older man on Grams’ kitchen table.  Joey and Jack are stuck with a creepy crusty sailor ghost in the Icehouse, and Pacey meets Andie’s mom who has never been the same since she lost her eldest son.  The rulebook is thrown out the window because… moon gravity?  Something like that, Joey explains it in the beginning.  Don’t think too much about it and just enjoy.

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