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The gang studies for Finals, or plays D&D

Pacey: Dungeon Master, Joey: Elf Ranger, Dawson: Human Mage, Jen: Half Elf Rogue, Jack: Dwarf Battlerager. Sexiest D&D game ever.

Another first for COTW.  This week we rolled up a three-peat, which means we got to choose our episode, and after much off-air deliberation, we chose the Season 2 Finale: Parental Discretion Advised.  This is the episode where Joey’s dad is busted for slingin’ dat rock, and the Ice House burns to the ground.  Jen considers suicide, Joey swears to never forgive Dawson, and Pacey punches his dad in the face.  Pretty dark stuff for a WB teen drama, but we soak it in, and regurgitate greatness for your listening pleasure.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  RIP Ice House, we miss you.

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