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Eddie & Joey

Lets run away to Europe together! What? What about when we get back? SCREW YOU GET OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER!!!

All great streaks come to an end, and ours has on this day.  However, that doesn’t mean we still can’t have a good time anyway, right?  So after weeks of Dealer’s Choice and primo mid-series episodes, we finally rolled a stinker.  Catch 22 is primarily a Joey & Pacey episode, however they don’t interact with each other, they interact with their boring 6th season foils that nobody really cares much about.  Jack has a little bit of plot advancement in what is by far the most ineresting story, however it is rushed and sadly underdeveloped.  They also manage to cram Jen and Dawson in for a combined 3 minutes of screen time.  The main takeaways from this episode is that Eddie leaves Joey, and Pacey gets fired from his awful stockbroker job.  Luckily, we are here to make fun of the bad and try to dig out the tiny nuggets of good.  When that fails, we talk about other stuff!  Enjoy!

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