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Blah blah Monet something something Van Gogh hoodley doodley Andy Warhol. *Sploosh*

New episode, same High Risk Behavior.   This week we usher in what is hopefully the beginning of a brand new streak, with one of our favorite season 2 episodes.  Everyone is feeling randy and paired off into 3 couples.  One of these couples is gonna go to the bone zone.  Will it be Dawson and Jen, loaded with sexual tension from the moment she stepped out of the cab.  Joey and Jack, who find themselves in the midst of a nude art modelling project.  Or Pacey and Andie, the first example of an actual healthy loving relationship on this show?  The truth will not be revealed on this ep, but that doesn’t stop the fun.  Please join us for another equally enjoyable round of High Risk Behavior.

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