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Jen wears cans

MFW I watched this episode.

Hullo Ladies and Gontlemen, welcome back to Creek of the Week.  This week we have rolled up what is actually a pretty fun episode, considering it is the second episode of season 5, when some folks would say our beloved Creek jumped the shark.  We would never say that, however.  We know that all seasons have moments of greatness, fun, and most of all, untapped potential.  Never is this more evident than in the setup for the DC college years that The Lost Weekend attempts to make.  Charlie could have been a fun romance for Jen.  Brofessor Wilder and Brecher could have been actual mentors to Joey & Pacey.  Audrey and Dawson could have had a pretty hot college fling.  Alas, we know it didn’t come to pass, but The Lost Weekend gives us a glimpse into what could have been, and for that it is actually a pretty enjoyable watch.  Dig it alongside us, won’t you?

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