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Pacey & Audrey

I’m not gonna lie,  I’m really hungry, and I’m trying to come up with a caption but all I can do is stare at that damn cupcake and wish it was inside me. It’s not like anybody reads these anyway, right? Tweet #CupcakeCaption if you did. Or don’t. Hey Josh, you got any cupcakes back there?

ROAD TRIP!  This week Joey joins a band and has to road trip to the gig with Charlie, Pacey, and Audrey.  Hijinks ensue as testosterone levels reach maximum and Pacey feels compelled to defend his brood. Meanwhile, Dawson, Jen, and Jackers attend Dawson’s Sister’s birthday party back in Capeside and are, for some reason, surprised to see that Gail is dating another man.  Jen feels torn between being supportive of her boyfriend and admitting the feelings of doubt that have been forming about their relationship.  Look, it’s 5th season, so it isn’t great, but it does have moments of fun.  Joey sings, Dawson gets dumped, Pacey & Audrey are all horny for each other.  As 5th season goes, it isn’t that bad, and we kick it up a notch to make it even better.  Please join us, if for no other reason than to keep us from suffering through yet another Joey Potter musical number in vain.

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