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The Pillow, Audrey, and Joey

First the pink monster pillow devoured Joey’s butt, now it’s taking Audrey’s as well! Is no booty safe?*

Well gang, you ever go on a multi-week bender of drugs an alcohol, where you stay stoned out of your gourd for weeks on end, living in euphoric nirvana, uncaring of the world outside of your own chemically-induced playground? No? Just me? Well one day you have to either die or get clean, and the hangover is going to be a bitch.  For many many weeks we lived the Dawson’s Creek version of that sweet sweet rush, and now the chickens have come home to roost.  Welcome to the 5th season streak!  This week it is back to the premiere, as we get experience the drama of seeing the kids outside of their natural habitat of Capeside all over again.  This is a fine season premiere.  And when we watched it the first time, it was enjoyable enough to see how the beginning of the end started for DC.  The second time around, however, is not so enjoyable.  So get ready for some rambling.  Yep, it’s one of THOSE episodes.  Enjoy!

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*Alt caption:  I’ve heard of Boston’s Green Monster, but apparently in the early 2000s it also had a PINK monster…  This wasn’t worth the footnote, was it?