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Harley don't play dat.

Harley don’t play dat.

Imagine if you will.  You’re in the final season of a beloved TV show.  The show is in a bit of a slump, story-wise, but you’ve just managed to nail a home run episode reuniting two characters with enough chemistry to make Walter White jealous, ending on a will-they-won’t-they cliffhanger.  How do you follow up?  If your answer is to shoehorn in a pointless episode that resolves nothing, adds nothing, and may as well not exist, then congratulations!  That was Then has its moments.  Dawson revisiting Mr. Gold’s class, Pacey and Dawson hugging it out on the dock, Harley’s creepy, yet strangely charming boyfriend.  However after the fireworks display that was Castaways, this episode is a pretty big bummer.  It’s good moments are overshadowed by the fact that it isn’t what you want, and that makes it not very fun.  On the bright side, we are here to watch it with you, and inject our own “humor” into the melange of mediocrity and sadness that is this season 6 dud.  Am I overselling it?  I think I’m overselling it.  Why would you not download after this glowing write up? Thank you all so much.

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