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Hotprof & Jack McPhee

Can you guess who Jack’s favorite Gilligan’s Island character was?

In honor of Joey’s homework, this episode synopsis will be written in the style of Jack Kerouac:

Wowee-there we were bee-boppin at a Boston College blowout, the tenorman blowing that horn like he couldn’t be stopped!  It was wild man, wild! My buddy Jack was putting the moves on a local professor, while sweet Audrey was tossing back whiskey like a line man tosses hobos from a freight car.  Jen was having a good old time too, when she ran into the love of her life, CJ, holy smokes that cat was clean as a country whistle but could throw a mean right hook.  Dawson was wrangling a drunk hussy for his curly haired limey boss, and Joey was  dancing around the bar this way and that, wholly unimpressed by yours truly. Thankfully my main man Eddie was there to set her straight, it aint all about books baby, it’s about living and dancing and girls and grass, and saxophone music that goes twee-diddly-ee bow zappa boom BWA into the unending dream night of our souls!

Something like that.

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