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Jack comes out.

YOU alright!? I learned it from watching you!


There aren’t many super iconic episodes that we have yet to watch on this grand experiment we have undertaken, but I feel like That Is The Question is one of them, or at least the 2nd part of a 2 parter that constitutes one arc.  This is the episode immediately following the reading of the fateful poem that landed Jack in a mess of trouble.  The ep where Jack has to admit to his family, his girlfriend, and himself… “Am I OK with this haircut?”  We all know the answer, Jackers.  You are not.  Seriously though, this is an important and truly great episode of TV that handles a delicate situation pretty well.  Jack comes out to his jerk dad, he tells Joey the truth, and the truth finally sets him free. Also Pacey & Andie make up.  Yay!

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