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The gang crams

This is what I expect to see when I die. Minus Ears-McGee over there on the right.

Some repeats are a bummer, and some we can’t wait to roll again, The All Nighter is definitely the latter.  Not a particularly memorable episode plot-wise, it is one of the more straight up fun Dawson’s Creek episodes on the roster, and I’d hazard to guess even watching it a third time around wouldn’t bum us out at all.  As a refresher, the awful English teacher is having an exam that the kids have to cram for, so they meet up at what’s-his-name’s deluxe apartment in the sky to have an all night study session.  Of course it devolves into drinking wine, taking purity tests, and for a few lucky crammers… a little hot tub sexy time.  It’s just a fun ensemble episode with a bunch of horny couples crammed into a McMansion, what more could you want?

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