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Joey & Pacey final scene

What an erotic lamp.

It’s no secret that we love the final episode of Dawson’s Creek.  So when we rolled it up, we set aside the distress at having an extra long episode and dove right in.  Unsurprisingly, even though it is our third viewing, we have not grown any less fond of the DC send off.  You know the gist, the gang all comes back to Capeside for Gail’s wedding to generic handsome guy #749, much reminiscing and alcohol is enjoyed, then the sad news that Jen (now a mother) is sick and dying.  Then there is the spiral as everyone tries to deal with losing her.  It’s tough, but it’s worth it.  So please join us for the Dawson’s Creek Finale, and remember that we will see you soon, child (Next week!).

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