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Dawson approaches the crying Joey

Here comes 120 lbs of man and 60 lbs of J. Crew Autumn wear.

Sometimes we watch an episode and don’t see it again for 153 weeks.  Sometimes we knock out a 3-peat in a fiscal quarter.  This episode brings us our third and final viewing of the season 2 finale: Parental Discretion Advised.  It also brings an end to our summer break, so we have plenty to gab about while sort-of paying attention to the show (we pay attention for the highlights). Join us as we get our podcasting legs back and enjoy such classic moments as the Pacey-dad-punch, Joey’s dad cryface, Jen reuniting with grams, and of course Joey going undercover. It’s an end-of-vacay-podcastaganza!

Theme by Sound of Days.

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