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Does this need a caption?  Jen screenshots are the best.

So yeah, we may have fudged the rolls a bit, and it may have taken 3 tries to get it, and it may be 5th, but at least it isn’t 6th season!  VICTORY!  To be honest, we always assumed Something Wilder was a garbage ep, much like Something Wild.  However, we found that, considering the episodes around it, it was actually kinda fun. Dawson is trying to make a movie while engaged in a cute romantic phase with Jen.  Joey has to choose between the nice guy she should be dating, and the professor she should definitely not be.  Pacey is flitting around offering advice.  And Jack is actually going through some heavy stuff, facing academic probation and stress from his fraternity.  It is a surprisingly interesting and fun episode and a welcome respite from the last-season doldrums.  Totally carried by Jen & Jack, I might add.  Now velcro up your trapper keepers and let us take you to school.

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