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Clifton Smalls

The Man,. The Myth. The Legend. Clifton M’F’n Smalls. And “small” he is not.

This is a special Creek of the Week episode, for this week we have a very special guest.  Sean Faust from the What Does It Matter? Podcast joins us for the second time.  In our benevolence, we decided to grant him his choice of episodes, and surprisingly he picked one from season 5.  Though 5th season is a mine field of awful episodes, we think he managed to pick a fine one that is heavy on style, if not chock full of important plot points.  Dawson is presenting a screening of the movie he directed (written by Oliver), and the whole gang is invited.  Audrey is lying about her sexual conquests to Pacey.  Joey is flirting with Charlie.  And Jen is reeling from her breakup with Dawson, and the knowledge that her grams is dating again.  Jack is also around to provide the necessary bad 5th season awful haircut.  We watched the Creek, we cracked wise, we drank too much and stayed up too late.  Good times were had!

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