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Dawson & Joey are lit AF

On some movie nights, Dawson & Joey just stare into a halogen lamp.

What a pleasant surprise to roll up one of the 2 remaining episodes from the first season of Dawson’s Creek that we haven’t watched on this podcast.  Kiss is an episode of firsts.  First kisses for Dawson & Joey (not to each other), and first time being the victim of sexual assault to Pacey.  So it’s a mixed bag.  If you can overlook the adult predator preying on the teenage boy though, the episode is really pretty great.  Good DJ banter, good PJ banter, and it looks like Helmets of Glory is an Oscar contender for sure.  We also talk a bunch of nonsense and cover the day’s current events.

Also mentioned in the episode was the need for a “Hitler Reacts” video to the Dawson’s Creek finale.  So I made it, and here it is in all it’s amateur Windows Moviemaker glory.

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