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Charlie & Joey

The only thing more uncomfortable than a road trip in the back of a Mustang, is if you are Charlie Todd, and Pacey is in the front seat.

We’re back again for another randomly selected episode of Dawson’s Creek, and this time we are revisiting a classic from 5th season.  OK, I may be sugarcoating it a bit.  Highway to Hell is a road trip episode, in which Pacey, Audrey, Joey, and everyone’s favorite aggressively mediocre side character Charlie, head to a road gig up north.  Joey gets to sing, Pacey & Audrey get to bang, and Charlie gets to remain sexually frustrated… hopefully forever.  Meanwhile Dawson, Jen, and Jackers are attending Lily’s first birthday party, when Jen decides this would be an opportune time to kick Big D to the curb.  Everybody has fun, and we are there to gently guide you through it all, like Dawson’s Creek sherpas.

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