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You wouldn't like Grams when she's angry.

Grams just heard that you haven’t rated and reviewed us 5 stars on Itunes. Don’t you feel bad?

What can we say about Abby Morgan?  She liked to stir the pot, she had a softer side that we’d catch the occasional rare glimpse of, and of course, that she was a dime.  But the star that burns the brightest burns the… burns… the star won’t get burned again.  Cuz she’s dead.  In this episode we get to see the gang’s first experience with death (definitely not the last).   With the exception of Jen there is kind of a “meh” vibe among everyone, until Andie get’s roped into giving a eulogy by Abby’s grieving mother.  Jen, of course, is having a freak out, the brunt of which she is taking out on her innocent grandmother.  We love this episode.  There is no DJ drama, no Pandie drama, it’s just the gang dealing with a real world situation as teenagers would have to deal with it.  It was a pleasure to watch the second time around, and we hope you like it as well.

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