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What Show is this again?

One Tree Still

Hello Creek of the Weeklings!   The great Stupin, in his infinite wisdom, decided to make the centennial episode of Dawson’s Creek a vacation ep, heavily promoting another WB TV show, and who are we to say if that was a good or bad idea?  Whatever the case, the episode may be dumb, but it’s just dumb good fun, that breaks up the boredom of most of season 5.  Basically Pacey, Jack, Jen, Joey, and Audrey are heading down to Audrey’s parent’s vacation home in Florida for some fun in the sun, while Dawson is doing something boring with Oliver.  Audrey and Pacey fight, Charlie shows up unannounced, and Jack spends the weekend hammered out of his gourd.  Meanwhile Oliver convinces Dawson to chase after the object of his desires (Joey) because he doesn’t realize the toxic nature of their relationship.  I’m doing a bad job of describing it, but just listen and it will make sense.  Trust me, have I ever steered you wrong? Don’t answer that.

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