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Alt right diva

You can almost hear her asking: “How come there’s no white pride month?”

There comes a time in every podcast, in which the hosts watch a randomly selected episode of their favorite TV show (I know… so many), where you have to say goodbye to an old favorite.  Today is the day.  It is our third and final viewing of The Anti Prom.  Unless we decide we want to viewer’s-choice it later or something.  Quick recap:  Dawson Loves Joey, Pacey loves Joey, Joey doesn’t know who she loves, and Barbara Johns loves homophobia.  So when Jack learns that he can’t bring his would-be boyfriend to the school prom, Dawson selflessly steps up and offers to host an anti-prom at his parents restaurant.  However, we know that Season 3 Dawson does nothing selflessly, and that it’s all a con to impress Joey.  What a snake.  Anyway it’s a classic episode with one of the most-tumblred moments of the series.  There’s also tribute to fallen rock stars and listener emails. So get all up in it with us, won’t you?

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