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Is this that dream again?  I just changed my sheets.

Huh, so that’s what they look like?

We all deal with personal strife in different ways.  Personally my different ways are all “vodka”, but the kids on the creek have their own methods.  Joey likes to paint, Dawson makes movies, and Andie retreats into her own personal hell, from which only a strong cocktail of meds can pull her back from the brink.  That and a strapping young boy in a velour track suit. This week we dive deep into these characters’ strife, and their coping methods.  We also meet Devon, the sexy tomboy actress whom Dawson casts to play the role of the young lady who has become the source of all his teenaged angst.  In an effort to get into character, Devon stirs up a whole mess of trouble between Dawson and Joey, which sucks for them, but is sweet nectar to us, the viewing audience.   Cameos, angst, nudity, this is a good one folks.  Also Tobygate 2017 continues in this week’s Email From Mike, so please join us!

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