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Dawson hears about Gretchen's... mistake

Grams is lookin’ good this ep.

ABORTION.  There, I said it.  Now hopefully our podcast will be the top search result for abortion on Itunes.  It also happens to be, in part, what this week’s episode is about.  You see, Dawson’s mom and dad be bangin, as per usual.  But this time they raw dogged at the wrong time, and done got themselves a problem.  Gail is pregnant and has to figure out what to do.  The men of the family, rightfully having no say in the matter, have to learn to deal with her decision.  Meanwhile Joey is thinking about doing the deed as well, however she’s taking the precautions that the Leery family should have taken, and gettin’ educated on the matter.  Also, over in the C-Plot, Jack  and Andie are being adorable bro-sis soccer coaches.  It’s 4th Season, the teens are horny (as are the adults) and everybody is making like Salt & Peppa and talkin ’bout sex baby.

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