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For the real reason Joey is wet, stay tuned to the listener voicemail.

Somebody been talking about art in here? Cuz Joey is… you get it. You’ve listened this long, you get it.

Fifth season is back, baby, and it’s coming in hard with the penultimate episode: The Abby.  The kids are done with their freshman year.  Pacey is equally parts disgusted and aroused by his boss.  Jen and Jack want to go to Costa Rica, until she gets the long awaited call from her parents asking her to spend the summer with her.  Thankfully Jack is there to offer advice.  Dawson and Joey are dancing around their feelings as usual, and Audrey just wants a buddy to chill with over the summer.  It’s a fun episode, not a lot of excitement and drama this late in the series, but fun nonetheless.  We, of course, watch it with you and provide unparalleled insight, then we dive into our listener submitted content, which is always fun.  EVERYONE IS HAVING FUN HERE WHY ARENT YOU?  Listen, and you just might.

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