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Pacey shows us what to do to Nazis and rich-boy art destroyers.

Pacey have problem. Pacey know how to solve problem. Pacey PUNCH problem!

Welcome back to the warm embrace of mid season 3 everybody, we’re so happy to be a part of it.  What do you do when the girl you have a secret crush on pours her heart and soul into painting a mural, only to have it defaced by the local trust fund daddy’s boy?  You beat the hell out of that daddy’s boy, that’s what you do!  And that is exactly what Pacey does.  Unfortunately they both have to face the fall out of their decisions.  All the while, Andie McPhee is wrestling with her own past misdeeds and the hypocrisy of being a cheater in charge of the school disciplinary committee.  Dawson is also there chilling, offering his advice to both sides.  Jen is, sadly, absent.  It is a fantastic episode featuring everyone’s favorite Capeside High principal:  Principal Green.  Thanks for listening.

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