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The New England-based Baywatch spinoff, Denim Beach, just couldn’t get the same traction as the original and only aired one episode.

Two penultimate episodes in a row!  This week is The Graduate, the beginning of the end of 4th season, and the beginning of the end of what most consider to be the best seasons of Dawson’s Creek.  The Graduate starts us off one day before graduation and the kids are tense.  Joey has to give a speech to the graduating class, #Hellabuilt (AKA Toby) is pressuring Jack to define their new relationship, and Pacey is looking at the strong possibility of failing his senior year.  Thankfully a hero rides back in to town to make it all better.  That hero is Andie McPhee.  Actually she has very little to do with helping anybody, but her presence is always appreciated.  Drue & Jen also get up to some shenanigans which never fails to entertain.  So grab a jar of ice cold pickles, kick back, and put this podcast in your brain.

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