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Jack and Tobes

Merry Christmas, MTSG!

So first off, yes, we fudged the rules a little, but nobody wants to watch the same episode two weeks in a row, so we made the executive decision, re-rolled the dice, and were gifted with our first dealer’s choice in a very long time.  The decision was tough, but as you can see… we made the right one. Promicide is one hell of an episode.  In a season where most of the kids are fairly well adjusted, and the angst is somewhat lacking, this episode is the boiling point.  Relationships fracture, friendships are reforged in the furnace of shared loss, alcohol is guzzled, and Drue friggin Valentine dons a tux to steal all of our hearts.  Of course it isn’t all bad, our boy Jack McPhee overcomes some personal hurdles, and comes out the clear winner of 4th season.  It’s one of those podcasts with long runs of silence as we forget that we are supposed to be entertaining, and instead just get entertained, but we hope you like it anyway.

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