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The gang is all here

Squad goals.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are on a hot streak.  This will be our second watch through of True Love, but our first organic rolling of the famed episode.  This one needs no introduction, but since that is the exact purpose of this space, I am going to do it anyway.  Jen & Henry are on the rocks.  Jack and Ethan are on the rocks.  Joey and Pacey are on the rocks.  By the end of the episode these will all be resolved for better or for worse, with a little help from Grams.  Come for the Dawson Cryface Meme, stay for True Love sailing off into the sun…. rise.  We also read a particularly apropos email from MTSG, and provide our usual banter that you’ve all learned to tolerate.  WHAT COULD BE BETTER?  Thanks for listening.

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