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Pacey is sad

Sure you lost all of Dawson’s Money, and Joey left you for a wannabe beatnick douche. But at least you have Doug.

Technical difficulties abound!  It took us two tries to get you an episode this week, but we pride ourself on one thing and one thing only: consistency.  This week we rolled up our second run through of that late season 6 episode called Catch-22.  Or as we come to call it, the great Table Clearing episode.  Put the friendships to the torch and the relationships to the sword, because we have a finale coming, and we cant have our stars carrying any baggage into that big ending.  Joey & Eddie decide to go to Europe, then they decide not to because Eddie is basically a huge child.  Pacey is bad at stockbrokering, and loses all his money plus all of Dawson’s money.  Jack gets kicked to the curb by Greg Rikaart with little mercy.  The only person who makes it out of this episode unscathed is Jen… but we know how it ends for her.  It’s a decent ep for season 6.  Not great, but it gets the job done.  At the end of it we read an email from Mike that includes some particularly saucy fan fiction.  Don’t miss it!

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